SAP those things - Theory -13-SAP problem solving ideas

Mar 25 - 2024

SAP those things - Theory -13-SAP problem solving ideas

SAP those things - Theory -13-SAP problem solving ideas

In this article, we will talk about how to solve the problems encountered in the process of project implementation, in fact, nvidia partner to solve the problem, first of all, we must first define the attributes of the problem, that is, we must first judge the level of the problem, rather than a problem, first want to meet the system, if you want to meet how to configure or develop, this idea is too straight line.

As we talked about earlier, the original intention of the birth of SAP is to make the common processes of enterprises can no longer be repeated to develop, but to use a set of standardized software to save the cost of software development of enterprises. SAP Outsourcing Therefore, when we encounter a problem, we should first consider what kind of problem it is, try to start from the business, the process, and even the enterprise management itself to consider the problem, such consideration may not necessarily let us solve the problem quickly, but let us think about the problem from the perspective of the system, which is conducive to the improvement of our own experience.

The longer we do the project, the more we will feel that many problems can not be solved at the system level, or can be solved at the system level, but also need the enterprise to first meet the requirements of the system in the process and operation and have the corresponding cooperation. smart waste management Therefore, we first determine whether the problem is whether the business of the enterprise itself is reasonable, whether the process is reasonable, and even whether such management requirements are necessary, that is to say, we try to find out the problem behind the problem, and the deeper we pursue, we find that if the problem is not the problem of system configuration or program development, Basically, it is the problem of enterprise management requirements, business itself, and process itself.

Maybe in the end we did not solve the problem of the business itself, the problem of the process, the problem of the enterprise management, we put forward our own proposals, then this is very good for us to look at the problem from a higher level. Now let's talk specifically about how to solve problems at the system level.

1. To test speculative logic. If we want to figure out the system logic, the best and most direct way is to test in various cases to verify the system logic and function with the test results. This requires consultants to do more, do not be afraid of tired, senior consultants are through a large number of tests to get experience, the so-called "God is a pit a pit to climb out." The main purpose of testing is to verify the extent to which the system standard functions, so that we can discuss the solution with the user in mind.

2. Network approach. We are engaged in the information industry, of course, we should make full use of the Internet to search for information, the Chinese information on the Internet is relatively small before, and now more and more Chinese information, but it is still recommended that you first search English information on google or Bing, especially the information on SCN forum is more valuable. After referring to the experience of others, you still need to test and verify yourself. The information found in this search includes SAP official community and wiki materials.

3. SAP support protal. That is, the official SAP support website, you can query and download Notes, provided that you need an OSS account, this information is the most authoritative, if you have an OSS account, try to check as much as possible, it is very helpful to understand the system. Of course, for some difficult problems, you can also send them to SAP through OSS and ask SAP for official support. This process can sometimes be a little long, so be patient. If it is an urgent problem, now you can directly communicate with SAP by phone.

4. Travel with friends. If you have friends in this industry, then without affecting others, you can ask friends more, ask friends to help solve the problem, and don't forget to thank your friends in some way. Remember: how good friends, can not always give you free help, even if others do so, we can not take it for granted, the necessary thank you is very necessary.

5. Help documents. If you have enough time and patience, then you can read the SAP help document, a few G large, of course, the content is very complete, it is recommended to encounter a problem point, want to understand the overall system logic of this point, you can read the point related to the help document node, which helps us to understand the overall system.

6. Other methods, such as the help description provided by SAP configuration node, the description given by pressing F1 button in the foreground field of SAP, the description given by clicking the help button when the program runs, including the message given by the system problem we encounter, are all helpful information provided by the software itself to solve the problem. We can also read carefully, experienced consultants, sometimes directly from the system message can determine where the problem is, this is a lot of project experience in exchange.

7. Finally, if some system problems can not be reproduced, even if you want to break the head and can not think of it logically, you have to think about whether it is caused by any enhancement, this is a summary of experience, there may be unexpected surprises.

No, just find a way to solve the problem. In addition, some problems in SAP are very strange, if it can not be solved temporarily, it can be put aside, or use other workarounds to solve it first, there is no need to tea and rice for a problem, there is no need. Remember: not solving a problem is itself a solution to a problem, isn't it?