How to download web page PDF files? Learn these two methods, a key to quickly get

Oct 26 - 2023

save PDF

Usually we view PDF files on the browser is very convenient, but if there is no network can not open. We can save the page as a PDF, how to download web pages PDF files? Learn the following two methods, a key to get it done quickly.

First, directly save PDF

Many browsers support the direct Save As web page, some of which can save the web page as a PDF, such as Opera browser.merge pdf rearrange pages Copy the PDF link to the browser, click the right mouse button in any location, you can save the content of the page as a PDF file!

Second, the virtual print save

This method applies to all browsers, and the operation is relatively simple. Open the web page when the PDF, right mouse button, select "Print" function, the browser will pop up the web page print window.

Select the "virtual printer", set the number of pages to print, layout, etc., and finally click "Save", you will be able to quickly save the web page PDF file.

Third, the use of online tools to download

In addition to the above two methods, there are some online tools can help us download web pages PDF files. These tools are usually very simple and easy to use, just enter the URL of the page and click the download button. For example, Smallpdf is a free online PDF tool which provides a variety of functions including converting web pages to PDF files. Simply paste the URL of the web page into the conversion box of Smallpdf, and then click the "Convert" button to complete the download.

Fourth, the use of browser plug-ins to download

Some browser plug-ins also provide the function of downloading PDF files of web pages. For example, DownThemAll is a popular browser plug-ins, which can help us batch download web pages in multiple files, including PDF files. Simply install and enable the DownThemAll plugin, then click the plugin icon on the web page where you need to download PDF files, select the file type you want to download as PDF, and set the download options to start downloading.

No matter which method you use, downloading web page PDF files can help us view and share web page content offline. Hope the above methods can help you!