Power semiconductor test will face what challenges

Nov 17 - 2023


1. High Voltage Arcing Protection: When testing high voltages on a wafer, discharges (arcing) may occur between probes and also between the device under test (DUT) and neighboring devices or between other test pads. In addition, at voltages higher than 1000 V, arcing discharges may occur between the wafer carrier pad and the surrounding probe pads.

2. Low contact resistance: Another key challenge in achieving accurate high-current measurements is minimizing the contact resistance between the probe and the device.wafer tester This ensures that the complete performance of the device is measured on the wafer and is identical to the packaged device performance. This helps to reduce cost and improve the performance of the end-application power module.

3. Uniform Contact and Thermal Resistance: In order to obtain accurate data for each device on the wafer, there needs to be uniform physical contact between the backside of the wafer and the top surface of the chuck.wafer probe testing First, this disperses thermal errors by ensuring that all heat generated from the devices is directed away from each device, regardless of the location of the device on the wafer. Second, for vertical devices where the chuck acts as one of the electrical contacts (e.g., IGBTs), this enables ultra-low contact resistance, which is a critical requirement for overcoming resistance errors in RDS(on) non-Kelvin tests. Only when these two challenges are addressed can the maximum performance of each device be seen in the test data.

4. Accurate Device Models: Product characterization engineers are challenged to simultaneously meet the ability to measure high voltage/current and accurate low leakage performance to create complete device models. This will help circuit designers optimize their power IC designs for maximum business value.vibration isolation table Balancing high voltage/current switching with device power consumption when not in operation (disconnected state) is the focus of this work.