Why do vacuum cleaners lose suction? Talking about vacuum cleaner maintenance and care

Jan 26 - 2024


I research and test including vacuum cleaners to carry out products, in ordinary times through the gathering between friends, but also intentionally or unintentionally to ask their own home has not used a vacuum cleaner, with what vacuum cleaner, the use of user experience to learn how good. Once a classmate can and I said that his family bought more than 1000 wireless intelligent handheld vacuum cleaner, just bought when it is very good to use, used for more than 1 year, found that this suction role did not buy when good, and due to the attenuation of the very obvious.

In fact, this is the inevitable law of all vacuum cleaner products, but a good vacuum cleaner, the attenuation is not obvious, after 3 ~ 5 years can reach more than 90% of the initial suction, but the vacuum is poor, after a few months of use, the suction power is significantly reduced.

Fortunately,cordless vacuum cleaner supplier the decay of suction power in most vacuum cleaners is traceable, and with their own maintenance, they can be restored to the best performance possible.

Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Dust collection bag or dust bin is full

Dust collection bags are typically found in corded bin or horizontal vacuum cleaners and include both disposable and reusable. The better ones are disposable dust bags. In this type of vacuum cleaner, the inhaled air with dust will go into the dust collection bag first and then the clean air will go out of the bag, so if the bag is too full, it will surely reduce the suction power. In this case, don't wait until the dust collection bag is full before changing it. It is better to use two thirds.

Dust bin generally refers to the wireless intelligent handheld vacuum cleaner, transparent visualization of the dust bin, this different type of vacuum cleaner,zek vacuum the dust bin is a garbage for the collection of the bin, garbage problems more than dumped on the line, do not wait until it is too full to analyze and deal with us.

2. There is a problem with sealing: hose breakage, loose joints, or leakage from the garbage can

Vacuum cleaners utilize the principle of vacuum differential pressure. The air inside the machine is quickly extracted to form a vacuum, the gas pressure inside the machine suddenly drops, while the outside of the machine is atmospheric pressure. The negative pressure formed at this time makes the outside air quickly enter the suction head and suction tube to complete a lasting gas inhalation action.

So the sealing is very important, when some joints and parts of the air link of the machine are not sealed well, it will leak, the vacuum pressure difference is greatly reduced, and the suction power is reduced. In some wired vacuum cleaner handle, will be designed with air leakage shift device, is the use of air leakage to adjust the suction power, i.e. the principle.

Therefore,wireless handheld vacuum cleaner for car if the suction power of your vacuum cleaner decreases significantly, you can also focus on checking whether the hose connector and elbow are cracked and damaged, whether the bayonet of the accessory is not tightened, whether the dust collection box is completely closed and so on.

3. Clogged filter

The filter on the vacuum cleaner, generally refers to the HEPA filter, the principle of HEPA filter and we bring the mask to carry similar, different social level of HEPA filter technology can be through the interception system of different degrees of size and particles of dust.

Whether the filter is clean or not determines whether the airflow is smooth or not, if the airflow is not smooth, the same will cause the motor in the outward pumping can not achieve good results, the pumping becomes slower, the vacuum pressure difference becomes smaller, the suction power also becomes smaller.

The loss of suction power in most vacuum cleaners is caused by clogged HEPA filters.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the HEPA filter regularly, whether it is dirty or not. Most HEPA filters can be cleaned, but it is not recommended to clean them several times, because HEPA filter cleaning can not be fully restored, and some filters will destroy the original structure during the cleaning process, so that the filter gap will increase, and can not play a good filtration effect, which is harmful to the human body and the respiratory system's health.

4. Suction or stuck by obstacles

Vacuum cleaner market is not a panacea, you can not because it is used to inhale large pieces of paper, leaves, and some tape paper such as this, once inhaled, it is easy to can be stuck in the suction head and connecting rods, multi-cone separation technology structure within the enterprise, that produces suction will be greatly reduced.

In this case, you need to clean yourself, generally not too much difficulty, after cleaning the suction will be greatly increased.

5, accumulated dirt

My own vacuum cleaner, used for more than 2 years without any maintenance, cleaning, the result is this.

Although, I didn't obviously feel the decrease of suction power, but theoretically, it must have a negative impact on the suction power, so I suggest you check it regularly and clean it, it won't take much time.

6, motor or circuit failure

Under normal circumstances, the motor and circuit will not be a problem, but the blockage caused by the above reasons is equivalent to increasing the load of the vacuum cleaner, and the motor has been overloaded for a long time, the air flow is reduced resulting in poor heat dissipation, which will increase the possibility of motor damage.

There is also a large portion of student users, who do not pay attention to the use of water inhalation, on the motor and circuit board design are China has an impact.

Some brushes due to hair entanglement, but also cause blockage, brush rolling is not smooth, resulting in poor vacuum effect, there will also be a decrease in suction.

7, design defects

Another reason is the most fatal, that is, the core technology of the vacuum cleaner, dust and air separation structure, single cyclone and double cyclone is generally inferior to multi-cone and multi-stage small cyclone.

The separation of dust and gas in modern vacuum cleaners does not depend exclusively on filters, but on this conical separation structure. Separation technology has been used in industry for a long time. Multi cones are multiple cones with a small radius. The smaller the radius, the lower the air velocity, the higher the centrifugal force on the cone walls and the better the separation of smaller particles.

Therefore, when selecting and using a vacuum cleaner, we only consider vacuum cleaners with multiple cones and multi-stage mini-cyclones. In this way, small particles of dust are not easy to enter the motor and the HEPA filter at the back, and it is not easy to be clogged and the suction power decreases slowly after long-term use.

Summarize and analyze the above reasons, most of the student problem research are we can at the same time by carrying out cleaning after the solution, in the use of vacuum cleaner use, we can also directly follow my advice, reasonable choice of use, proper maintenance, so that the vacuum cleaner prolonged life, is very good.