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5 Innovative wax seal sticks

Mar 09 - 2024

Wedding invitations, cards, and envelopes are perfect for the Pearl White Wax Sealing Sticks for Wax Seal Stamp, ONWINPOR 20PCS Glue Gun Wax Seal Sticks for 0.43" Glue Gun.

Price: $14.98
wax seal color meaning

The sealing wax package comes with 20 pearl white sealing wax sticks, each of which can approximate the production of 12–16 seals.

A single pack can produce between 240 and 300 seals.

【Wax Seal Sticks Dimensions】The sealing wax sticks measure 0.4 inches (1 cm) across and 5.3 inches (13.5 cm) long.

The features of sealing waxsmokeless, non-toxic, quick to dry, and easy to melt.

Unlike conventional wax, the Seal Wax Sticks are composed of wax plus resin, making them more flexible and difficult to break from outside forces.

【Simple to Use】This sealing wax stick may be melted without a flame; simply use a large, standard 0.44" glue gun on low heat.

This is a more efficient way if you intend to seal many dozen envelopes.

【Multipurpose Usage】Sealing wax sticks can be used to create crafts, packages for wine or cosmetics, maps, vintage letters, manuscripts, envelopes, packages, cards, and wedding invites, among other creative projects.

Easter Bunny Wax Seal 25mm Detachable Brass Head Wood Handle for Envelope Invitation Wedding Embellishment CRASPIRE Wax Seal Stamp Rabbit Sealing Wax Stamps Animal Retro Wood Stamp bottle embellishment

Price: $8.49

The size of the wax seal stamp is around 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter, with a wooden handle measuring approximately 7.5 cm (2.95 inch) in height and 9 cm (3.5 inch) in length.

Contains: package One Rabbit Pattern Wax Seal Stamp The materials of the wax seal stamp set are as follows: the handle is made of wood, which is simple to install and replace; the sealing stamps are made of brass, which is bright, smooth, and non-stick; they leave a clean, lovely imprint in a vintage retro classic style.

✦RABBIT PATTERN: One of the emblems of Easter is the Easter rabbit.

Being a common animal rabbit, it represents the return of spring and the emergence of fresh life.

The rabbit is the commander of Horta's candles, the German goddess of the land, and the pet of Aphrodite Eros.

As a result, children now get Easter eggs from bunnies acting as messengers.

Hot wax can be used to stamp it onto envelope paper; in particular, adding some lovely dried flowers would add a distinctive and literary touch.

✦REMOVABLE BRASS SEAL HEAD: This stamp head is simple to replace and install, and you can use it to tie in with various 25mm diameter stamps with various patterns to create any theme you desire.

✏WIDE APPLICATIONS: Sealing stamps can be used to decorate envelopes, invitations, wine packages, perfume bottles, wine bottles, scrapbooks, parcels, gift packaging, greeting cards, and more.

Ideal party invitations for a friend or relative to give as a gift

Beautiful Wax Seal Beads, 672 Pieces Wax Seal Stamp Set, 24 Colors Paw Shape Sealing Wax Pellets for Christmas Decoration, Letter, Envelope, Stamp, Wedding Invitation, Gift Wrapping Sealing, Handmade Project

Price: $9.99

WHAT YOU GET: Packed into a plastic storage container, our wax seal kit comprises 672 wax seal beads in 24 different colors.

Ten candles for tealights ULTRA SEALING WAX: Our wax is composed of non-toxic, smokeless, odorless, environmentally friendly wax that melts uniformly, pours out smoothly, and hardens swiftly; Bead mixing allows you to create unique blends and colors.

PAW SHAPE & 24 COLORS: Our sealing wax pellets are shaped like adorable paws and shimmer metallically.

ideal gift for invites to parties, weddings, Christmas cards, Halloween, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and more SMOOTH TO USE: Take the spoon, insert three to six wax beads, and heat it until the wax melts; then, pour the melted wax where you want it, press your stamp into the hot wax, and remain motionless while the wax cools and solidifies; When the wax has completely cooled and solidified, remove the stamp.

Advice: While the wax is still hot or warm, it is simple to clean the wax seal spoon.

MANY USES: You can use this wax seal set for scrapbooking, journaling, manuscripts, party or wedding invitations, wine bottles, tea, and cosmetic parcel packaging, as well as other craft projects.

It's also great for sealing envelopes and DIY retro letters.

Wedding Invitations, Cards, and Envelopes: Wax Seal Sticks, Vosypoky 16-Piece Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks for Wax Seal Stamp

Price: $10.99

[Premium Sealing Wax] Premium flexible wax, smokeless, tasteless, and non-toxic, is used to make Vosypoky wax seal sticks.

Additionally, the sticks of sealing wax in the post won't crack or crumble.

These glue gun wax seal sticks are really simple to seal; they melt readily and dry quickly.

[Contained in the package]Eighteen Olive Green glue gun wax seal sticks are included in this set.

A wax seal stick can yield about 12 to 15 seals.

Additionally, 192–240 seals can be made from a single pack, meeting your demands for dozens of sealing waxes.

[Ample Size for User-Friendliness]Our sealing wax is easy to use with a large, standard 0.44-inch low-temp glue gun because of its appropriate size.

Our wax sealing stick measures 0.43 inches/11 mm in diameter.

It measures 5.31 inches/135 mm in length.

When compared to wax sticks with cores, this procedure is more effective for melting several seals.

[Generally Applicable] For DIY crafts, wine sealing, gift wrapping, post card crafting, envelope decorating, cosmetic packaging, and wine sealing, our flexible wax sticks are perfect.

For creating wax seals to demonstrate your sincerity at weddings, Christmas, birthday parties, holidays, Valentine's Day, and other celebrations, those seal sticks are an excellent option.

[Features and High-Grade Support] Our glue gun sealing wax sticks melt quickly and effectively thanks to their smooth surface.

Furthermore, breaking them with an outside force is difficult.

We also give you a choice of twenty sophisticated colors.

If you discover any quality problems, we will give you a complete refund or replace the item.

Wax Seal Stamp Vintage, Decoration, Christmas Gift, 20-piece set of sealing sticks with wick

Price: $13.99

20 wax sticks in various colors are included in the package; these are appropriate for standard-sized wax seal stamps.

【DIMENSIONS】Measurements: 0.47 x 0.47 x 3.54”, Weight: 0.38 oz (11g) each stick, 20 distinct colors offer a broad spectrum of color scales, ideal for various types of wax seal stamp.

20 hues are available: Silver, Jade Green, Mint Green, Sapphire Blue, Cerulean Blue, Violet Purple, Scarlet Red, Orange, Flamingo Pink, Taffy Pink, Black, Brown, Mohogany Red, Brick Red, Wine Red, Bronze, Cider, Metallic Gold, Light Gold, Parmesan Gold, and Off White.

【WIDE APPLICABILITY】can be used to a wide variety of invitation and gift box types, including envelopes, wine packages, perfume packages, parcels, and more, to give your gift a wonderful appearance and purpose.

【FREE 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】We work hard to deliver an excellent product to every one of our clients.

To receive a refund if you're not happy with your purchase, please get in touch with our customer support.