How to properly taste wine need to do these four things.

Feb 01 - 2024

good environment

First, create a good environment

In the wine tasting, the space can try to avoid the light to carry on sufficient, soft, the temperature in 20-25 best, humidity in 60 or so.sake tasting hong kong In addition, the temperature and humidity data are to keep their own business fixed, no other odors in the air, no noise and other external environmental disturbances that affect the different tasting of wine and so on, these issues are through the tasting of wine need to constantly meet the basic living conditions. Other conditions include laying a white tablecloth on the table, preparing the relevant corresponding tasting cups to be transparent and colorless, so that the tasters can see clearly the color information of Chinese white wine as well as the hanging degree and so on.

Second, choose the right container

In the choice of drinking containers, it is best to choose transparent glass wine bottles and small glass cups. Use a transparent glass decanter to pour the wine, and use a transparent glass to drink the wine. Why small transparent glasses? Due to the rich flavor and excellent quality of soy sauce wine, to taste various flavors of soy sauce wine,wine tasting small glass is good, soy sauce wine complex brewing process and mysterious ingredients, with a small glass, fine flavor, is wonderful. The small shape of the glass allows a good proximity to the aroma of the wine and makes it easier to taste. The transparent glass also makes it easier to observe the texture of the wine when tasting.

Choose a suitable time for wine tasting

Tasting time is usually from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Wine should not be tasted after a meal because it will affect the individual's perception of the flavor of the wine, so try to taste the wine before the meal. It is worth noting that the temperature on the wine samples makes a big difference to the perception of aroma. Under normal circumstances, the most sensitive tasting temperature is between 21-30 degrees Celsius, so to ensure the accuracy of the evaluation results, it is required that the temperature of the wine samples should be the same in each round of wine sampling, and the wine samples must be placed in the same room at the same temperature 24 hours before the tasting, so as not to cause the results of the tasting of wines with different temperatures to be The temperature of the wine samples should be the same 24 hours before the tasting.

Attention to Tasting Techniques

When tasting white wine, we must take a small sip and let our tongue rotate with the wine in different parts of the mouth so that we can fully taste the flavor of the wine. Good wines are usually characterized by thickness, softness and length. This is done by taking 0.2-2.0 ml at a time so that the wine spreads over the whole tongue and is tasted. Immediately after swallowing the white wine, inhale and close your mouth to recognize the aftertaste of the wine. After each taste, rinse your mouth with tea to prevent taste fatigue.