Men after sex, do these 3 points, both physical and mental health

Aug 15 - 2023

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Sex is very enjoyable for both men and women, a harmonious and happy sex life can bring high quality enjoyment to each other. Some men don't know what to do when having sex and they don't know how to make their sex life more app controlled sex toyIn fact, to improve the quality of your sex life, men need to do what they need to do before and after sex by taking the following steps.

What should men pay attention to before and after?

1. Don't drink too much before sex

Some men think that if they drink some before sex, they can have sex with each other in a drunken state and improve the quality of their sex life,best app controlled sex toy but they don't know that if they drink too much before sex, they will feel overwhelmed during sex, which will easily lead to a decline in the quality of their sex life.

2. before sex can not be excessive use of cleaning

Some men will take a good bath before having app controlled sex toy It is true that proper washing before intercourse can ensure hygiene, but if you wash yourself too much, it will be easy to make your reproductive organs out of balance, making it easier for bacteria to stick and infect their partners.

3. Can't take a shower right away

When you have sex, a lot of sweating will make your body feel sticky,best app controlled sex toy so many men will want to take a shower right after sex to relieve this discomfort, but you should know that you can't take a shower right after sex because at this time the pores of the body are open, and taking a shower right away may lead to a cold or even induce cardiovascular disease.

It is also worth noting that many men and women are at high risk of developing urinary tract disorders after having sex. Both men and women need to wash their genitals before and after sexual intercourse to maintain genital hygiene and urinate promptly in the same room to expel bacterial inflammation from the body and reduce the incidence of urinary tract diseases.

In sexual life, what can men do to improve sexual harmony?

1. give each other a chance to communicate

Harmonious sex life can not be separated from good app controlled sex toy Husband and wife should be honest with each other and communicate with each other in normal times, especially when having sex. If there is any dissatisfaction, they can raise it directly, only in this way can we understand each other's needs and improve the quality of our sex life.

2. change the environment of sex life

If you always have sex in one place, it is easy to make each other feel boring, so if you want to improve the harmony and interest of sex life, you may want to change the environment of sex life.