Developing and doing our own thing requires a good tool.

Oct 26 - 2023

Developing and doing our own thing requires a good tool.

If it's a magazine, use PDF to set the bleeding line, circuit printing service don't use any other software.

Since I have just learned it today, I must learn it now, and sell it now.

Developing and doing our own thing requires a good tool. PCB fabrication company Here's a question: Can you recommend FoxitPDF Editor Pro to the Community as a good partner? While I haven't processed thousands of PDFs on this system yet, there are two hundred. Not just the PDF conversion was what made me happy, but also PDF editing, business integration, and so on.

On the portal for the first time: PDF editing software

It was easy for me to use this software as my work software in the beginning, and it was very easy to use. The only downside is that it charges, but not for all functions, but for specific functions, but I have a habit of paying for it. china PCB If you prefer the free version, you can try Pinto's personal version.

Let's get back to the point. How to set up bleeding lines in PDFs.

I didn't know what this boundary line meant before today. My boss asked me to do it today.

In two steps, you can do it yourself.

Click [Print File] in the PDF editor, then [Batch Print] if there are many files to print.

In the Print Settings page, select [Bleeding marker].

You can also use the default value if you don't want to change it.

If you're lazy, you can see the print directly in the preview box on the left to prevent errors.

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