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Why can't the website rankings go up? SEO's "Road" and "Art"

Nov 20 - 2023


The site should be optimized and should pay attention to the details of the point are set up,seo what is seo whether it is title or description of the writing, but also to control the keyword density in the range of other people's suggestions, and even some of them strictly in accordance with the Yoast plug-ins to optimize the site to the green light for all factors.

But you will find that your ranking just can not go...

Some people may feel that they are at their wits' end, while others feel that SEO is simply useless and dead.

But in fact, this is the SEO practitioners of a bottleneck, because now only realized the SEO "art", has not risen to the "Tao" stage.

The so-called "art"

That is, everything you do now around the search engine preferences to optimize, but never considered the user's needs, so you are trying just to please the search engine only.

Let's think about it deeply: who is the source of money for search engines?

That's right, is to use the search engine searcher. Only more and more searchers, google will have more traffic.

Search engine is also "to please" the searcher, so your content only "to please" the search engine is not enough, you also need to take into account the experience of the searcher.

Note: here with "to please", although a bit of improper use of words, just to facilitate your understanding.

The so-called "Tao"

The natural way of doing things is actually a bit difficult for people who are just starting out. Because you have to understand some of the basics of SEO optimization, but also understand how to improve the user experience, optimization looks more natural without any trace.

To popularize the Rank Brain algorithm, the algorithm belongs to the artificial intelligence AI algorithm, can learn on its own,wordpress saas through the big data to understand the user behavior of the searcher to determine whether these web pages are what the user needs.

If we still continue to rigidly apply the theoretical knowledge of SEO, you will find that the website will be very poor for the readability of the user experience. However, by optimizing your copy from a user experience perspective, but always remembering to incorporate some SEO knowledge, your website content will appear more natural and SEO compliant.

Search engine quality guidelines talk about a purpose of creating a page, this before I did not pay close attention to, resulting in their own have been in a daze, because the optimization of the place are optimized, the site just can not come up.

We can see the picture above, to understand, a news page, is to enable users to find the most important information, shopping page even if you need to find information about the product as well as selling this product.

There is also the definition of MC (Main Content), the proportion of the site MC, how to match the needs of searchers, these are very important, these are far more than the "art" category.

Carefully understand and appreciate the intent of the search engine, you will feel that the creation of the page needs to be careful and rethink.

A search user who enters your page should be able to solve his problem in the shortest possible time, and if not, then she will probably leave. Coupled with the intervention of the current Rank Brain algorithm, your site's user data is so poor that it naturally won't rank highly.

I have done a project, ranking has been stagnant in the second page, and then brainstorming to think about the intention of this site to search for the keyword, the searcher may consider the points are in the form of copy layout to the web page, and not surprisingly, the rankings quickly up, because my page information to meet most of the people's needs.

Recently found that some friends often for some technical issues tangled not clear, and do not do a very good SEO results, so here also remind the SEO friends, do SEO optimization, do not keep drilling technical bull's-eye, but to learn to grasp the core point: user experience!