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How to maintain the car battery? These behaviors are very harmful to the battery, don't do it again

Sep 05 - 2023

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The battery is an integral part of the car, when the engine starts, the battery passes current to the generator to start the engine. When the generator is overloaded, the battery will help power the generator. Although most batteries are now maintenance free, if they are properly maintained, the car will last longer.lithium battery cell machine So, today I want to talk to you about how we usually maintain and care for our batteries when we use our cars.

First of all, maintenance-free batteries usually need to be kept adequately charged. If you use your car often, the battery will be fully charged. But if you don't use the car often, such as not using the car for a few days, the battery will be dead. It will start weakly when you start it.

When idling, the headlights dim, because an engine working at idle, the power control of the generator is not enough, if there is no battery can not provide enough current, the headlights will lead to a dim situation. When the car is parked for a long time, we need to drive the Chinese automobile enterprises out of the corner, walk for about 20 minutes, so that the battery has enough time to charge and learn.

Second, reduce the frequency of complete power outages. This car was parked in the neighborhood for half a month and when it came back the engine wouldn't start and the loss of power was very battery manufacturers The reason for the complete lack of power was that when the trip recorder was connected, the power cord was connected to the normal power source and the voltage setting was not turned off, so the battery was drained.

Eventually, the car was started by drawing power. Next time you install a car recorder, always remember to set the off voltage setting if the power cord is connected to a normal power source. Usually the better brands will have this setting.

Third, turn off other electrical devices before parking. Many people do not have the habit of parking directly by pressing the button directly. Some models don't support automatic power off after the engine is turned off, so before turning off the engine, you need to turn off other electrical devices, such as headlights, interior reading lights and windows. A special note is to remember to turn off the air conditioning because it remains on after the engine is turned off.

The next time you start the engine, the air conditioning will automatically turn on, so the battery is heavily loaded, which will also affect the battery life. Fourth, clean the battery regularly. Wipe away dust, grease, etc. Cover the positive and negative terminals of the battery with a damp cloth.battery coating It not only plays a role in cleaning, but also extends the life of the battery.

Usual work should also open the engine compartment more often, and they have nothing to check more to carry out the inspection of the inside of the enterprise. We teachers can at the same time through the development of the battery above the observation hole, to judge the battery. If it is green, it means that the battery has good, if it becomes a kind of black, we should fully consider to replace it.

In fact, the maintenance of the battery is very simple and the maintenance of the battery is the most important thing to prevent it from discharging too much. If you adopt the right car habits, you will not only make your battery last longer, but you will also not drop it in critical moments. Avoid cars that need to be used and realize that the battery is dead and you can't start the engine.

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