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Mar 21 - 2024

The two-pack Hole Saw Dust Bowl is designed to be used with all Hole Saws and is ideal for installing recessed lights.

Price: $23.98

Mess-free drilling since the dust collector bowl gathers dust and debris.

a reliable connection that stops dust from getting everywhere.

Dust and other particles are kept off the floor when drilling into drywall thanks to the dust bowl on the drill.

Universal: Most drills and hole saws can be used with the dust collector bowl, which is compatible with power tools.

Works with hole saws up to 8"; hole opening of 11" Sturdy: a bendable silicon bowl with a metal ring that is still intact to keep it from shattering when drilling.

High heat and abrasion resistance are features of our dust bowl for hole saw.

Simple to Use: You may drill into the surface while the flexible material allows the dust collector bowl for the hole saw to softly seal onto the ceiling.

Simple Cleaning: After using, simply wash and dispose of the hole saw dust bow.

Hook and loop dust bag with zipper, wired adjustable stand miter saw accessories, POWERTEC Miter Saw Dust Collector Bag for 7-1/4" and 8-1/2" Fits Nominal 1-1/2" Dust Ports, Expands to 1-5/8" (75081)

Price: $10.99

Included is one (1) Miter Saw/Track Saw Replacement Dust Bag.

FITTINGS: Miter saw / Track saw replacement dust bag fits nominal 1-1/2" dust ports, expands to 1-5/8" PURPOSE: Up to 70% of dust, trimmings, and particles are collected, keeping the work area cleaner.

FEATURES: The miter saw/track saw dust collector bag features a zipper at the bottom for effective dust disposal and a hook and loop closure for a tight seal around the clamp area of the opening.

EASY TO USE: Attaching, removing, and emptying the dust bag is done quickly and easily.

SPECIFICATIONS: The edge planer and tank belt sander with nominal 1-1/2" dust ports can be utilized with other miter saws, and the dust port can be expanded to 1-5/8".

Fits Metabo HPT C10FCGS and Skil MS6305-00 Compatibility with DEWALT 352VS Type 7, 352VS Type 8, 352VS Type 8, DCS361B Type 1, DCS361M1 Type 1, DW713 Type 2, DW713-AR Type 2, DW713-B2 Type 2, DW713-BR Type 2, DW715 Type 3, DW715-AR Type 3, DW715-B2C Type 3, DW715-BR Type 3, DW716 Type 20, DW716XPS Type 20, DWS709 Type 20, DWS780 Type 1, DWS780 Type 20, DWS780-AR Type 20, DWS780-B2 Type 20, DWS

Three Pieces for Dryer Vent Lint Dust Bag, Lint Vent Trap Bag for Outside, Lint Trap Catcher for Dryer Vent

Price: $12.95

Lint Catching: This dryer lint catcher will capture and keep the lint, preventing it from flying around and sticking to the deck or other objects, if you have trouble getting lint out of the dryer.

Simple to Use: The hook and loop design makes it quick and easy to remove the lint bag for cleaning and reinstallation.

The lint bag is attached to the vent cover with sewn on loops with adhesive.

Value Pack: Three pieces of bags with adhesive hook strips and three pieces of bags sewed with loop strips are included in the outdoor dryer lint trap.

The dryer vent elbows, dryer vent hoods, and dryer vent pipes with a diameter of around 4" are all compatible with it.

Protection from flying insects: An external lint vent bag can be an excellent way to address concerns about flying insects, mosquitoes, and birds building nests in your vents.

Superior Materials: The dryer vent lint bag is composed of premium nylon, which is machine-washable and long-lasting.

The vent can be readily repurposed by attaching adhesive hook strips to it repeatedly.

For 0.63–4.92 inch hole openers, CALIDAKA Drill Dust Collector Hole Saw Dust Bowl Drill Ash Bowl Drywall Dust Collector Shockproof Dust Catcher Hole Saw Dust Catcher

Price: $9.99
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MINIMIZE MESSES: Having this drillers dust bowl on hand at your industrial, commercial, or residential job site will help you reduce mess since it collects sawdust and debris while drilling holes with a large diameter.

INTERIOR TOOL: When installing recessed lighting fixtures, use this driller's dust bowl to collect sawdust instead of vacuuming or even donning facemasks and goggles.

Ideal for: hole saws with a handle diameter of no more than 10 mm (0.39) and a handle length of no more than 20 mm (0.79), such as bimetal hole saws and glass hole saws.

EASY ATTACHMENT: This saw dust collector attaches effortlessly between the drill's chuck and the cutting tools.

By creating a seal with the material's surface, the driller's dust bowl enables you to enclose all debris.

NO CEILING MARKS: This drillers dust bowl collapses like a plunger when sealing to the surface, so you don't have to worry about breaking walls or ceilings.

The fact that it doesn't leave ceiling marks is its best feature.

Six-pack ceiling fan air filters

Price: $30.95

The ceiling fan air filters are fastened to the upper part of the fan blades.

Simple, practical, and effortless to use.

To attach to the opposing blades of your ceiling fan, just take off the tape backing.

Position them between three and five inches from the motor on the upper side of the blades.

Produced in the United States.

Suitable for ceiling fans with three, four, or five blades.

Fantastic for work, the office, and home!

Miter saw dust bags: 2 pieces; 255 model table saw dust collection bag with adjustable outlet; dust collector bags for table saws, miters, edge planers, and diagonal saws; tank belt sanders;

Price: $7.49

☆【MATERIAL】 Compared to other bags on the market, this miter saw dust bag has a longer lifespan since it is composed of premium polyester and iron hood frame material.

Miter Saw Dust Collection.

☆【UNIVERSAL】When linked to your miter saw table saw, our dust collection bag is more secure and easier to use thanks to its adjustable outlet, which works with a variety of machines.

Realistic Dust Bag for Miter Saws.

Miter Saw Dust Collection.

☆【FUNCTION】The purpose of the miter saw dust collector bags is to gather dust and debris from your miter saw, ensuring that your workspace is kept neat and orderly.

Practical miter saw attachments.

☆【APPLICATION】In addition to miter saws, the dust collector bags can be used with table saws, tank belt sanders, edge planers, and diagonal saws.

The package contains two dust bags for miter saws.

Sufficient amount fulfills your replacement requirements.

Dust Collector Bags for Miter Saw, Tank Belt Sander, Edge Planer, and Diagonal Saw (2 Pack): Black, Zipper-Sealed, Adjustable Stand with Wired Design

Price: $9.99

Steel Wired Hole Ash Outlet: Unlike conventional dust collection bags, the steel wire ash outlet for the dust bag is constructed with a flexible hood hole that catches up the machine more firmly.

Bag Dimensions Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.3 inches / 22.5 x 16 cm; bag hole diameter adjustable from 1.7~2 inches / 4.5~5 cm; has zippers for convenient dust disposal Fantastic Materials: the sawdust collection bag is composed of high-quality polyester and fine cloth that is lightweight, durable, and easy to dismantle for cleaning, keeping your workstation tidy.

Many Uses: Thanks to its adjustable bag hood, the universal miter saw dust bag is suitable with a wide range of industrial machines, including cutting machines, edge planers, diagonal saws, and tank belt sanders.

It can be used for a variety of tasks and satisfy your needs.

Easy Setup: To attach this dust bag, simply grab it with your miter saw (such as the 255 model), no tools needed.

If you have any additional questions about this item, please contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

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