Home decoration choice of natural marble or artificial quartz stone, which is more environmentally friendly, read it and underst

Dec 04 - 2023

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In our interior decoration, we will use a variety of stone decoration, of which natural marble and artificial quartz stone is the most popular two kinds of stone, commonly used on the ground, wall and bathroom. So home improvement choose natural marble or artificial quartz stone,carrara quartz benchtops which is more environmentally friendly? Let's take a look.

Natural material marble is usually formed by limestone or dolomite by high temperature for high-pressure environment, hard texture, excellent wear and pressure resistance, surface surface surface smooth, color can be rich, breathable excellent, bring people to bring a development of high-end city atmosphere feeling. However, the market price of natural marble than relatively high,calacatta gold quartz supplier and there are problems many network fakes, we choose to be careful screening.

Artificial quartz stone is made of natural quartz minerals by artificial synthesis, hardness, wear resistance and compression resistance is better than marble, and has a strong anti-pollution, not easy to stain oil and water stains, and high temperature resistance, the price is cheaper than natural marble, cost-effective.

Comparison of natural marble and artificial quartz stone

1. From the environmental point of view

From the production process, natural marble in the production process will produce a large number of waste rock, accounting for 70% of the proportion. And natural marble composition is mainly calcium carbonate, may contain radioactive substances. The waste of artificial quartz stone only accounts for about 30%, while the natural quartz minerals, resins, relatively more environmentally friendly.

2. From the service life

The service life of natural marble is usually only about 50 years, while the service life of artificial marble can reach about 100 years, the service life is relatively long.

3. From the applicability of home decorations

Natural marble texture design exquisite, beautiful as well as atmospheric, more suitable for high decorative space, such as a living room, bedroom. Quartzite stain resistance and high temperature resistance is excellent, so we are often widely used in the kitchen and bathroom. Natural marble is susceptible to oil, water erosion mainly used in home kitchens and bathrooms will greatly shorten its use network life.

In summary, artificial quartz stone in environmental protection and home decoration applicability has certain advantages, while the artistic value of natural marble and unique texture is more suitable for the pursuit of personalized home decoration and high quality, we need to choose according to their own actual situation.