Why can't college students make money doing investment finance

Aug 11 - 2021

Why can't college students make money doing investment finance

First of all, the money used for financial management is too little. The money used by college students for financial management is mainly from living expenses, of which the proportion of financial management funds from living expenses for undergraduates is more than 80%. Since the majority of college students do not have a lot of living expenses, it is natural that they do not have much money to raise financial resources by living expenses.


According to the survey statistics, more than 98% of college students have monthly living expenses of less than 3,000 yuan, and only 13% of college students are able to put aside more than 10,000 yuan, that is, 87% of college students have less than 10,000 yuan of financial resources. It is not easy to make money with little financial capital.

Secondly, the financial allocation is not reasonable. Since the returns and risks of different financial management are different, so different financial configurations will naturally create different returns, and unreasonable financial configurations will definitely have an impact on the returns. College students, especially undergraduates, may prefer lower-risk financial products, such as regular savings and money funds, because their financial funds mainly come from living expenses and they are worried that losses will affect their lives. However, although the risk of these financial products is low, the same return is also low, plus the financial capital of college students is small, so there will not be much return in a year.


For example, the current money fund, the rate of return is only about 2%, 10,000 of the principal, a year of earnings is only about 200 yuan, not to mention that the college students who can take out more than 10,000 financial capital is still very few. Once again, the financial management method is not right. Although college students are keen to do financial management, but if not specializing in finance or economics, financial knowledge may not be very rich, coupled with the lack of financial experience and other reasons, the financial management methods mastered may not be the right. For example, investing in stocks or funds requires a certain level of expertise and experience in order to make money.

In addition, investments like funds and stocks can only be seen if you stick to medium and long-term investments. But for college students, on the one hand, it may be because the financial capital is small, so they are anxious to achieve rapid appreciation, often like the short term chase up and down. On the other hand, they may need the money to live, so they can't insist on long-term investment. So it is also very difficult to earn money.