Understanding trans fat foods Recognizing the bad effects of trans fats

Apr 26 - 2023

Understanding trans fat foods Recognizing the bad effects of trans fats

Always in the media or other pipeline to hear the word trans fat food, so that people seem to have a shadow of it, but not all people can distinguish which is trans fat food which is not, for ordinary people, more information about understanding is necessary, but also do not have to talk about it, as long as you find a regular pipeline to buy, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. And today to lead you to come together to understand trans fat food, recognize the bad effects of trans fat, so that more people have a sense of its understanding. You can stay away from the pit it sets up in your daily life to prevent being trapped.

Trans fat foods of trans fatty acids

If you want to have an understanding of trans fat foods, you must first have an understanding of trans fats. You should not think that fats are all bad and harmful to the human body. Fat is also an indispensable nutrient for the human body, and without it, the human body can go wrong. In the cold winter, its presence will make people feel warm, the internal organs also play a cushioning protective role, in critical moments can save the existence of life. Trans fat is a type of unsaturated fatty acid, commonly found in hydrogenated vegetable oils, and this substance also has its advantages, that is, it can extend the shelf life of food can also enhance the taste of food. But this kind of trans fat is also more bad, people consume too much but harmful to the body.

The harm caused by trans fat food

The bad effects of trans fats are also obvious, that is, excessive intake will form bad cholesterol, and bad cholesterol will be deposited in the body, if deposited in the walls of the blood vessels, it will make the blood vessels narrow, and in serious cases will be blocked, as we all know, the consequences of blood vessel blockage is quite serious, can be life-threatening.

Overall, trans fat food or less intake is good, but also to learn more about the bad effects of trans fats, be wary of unhealthy diet. Family oil can buy safe and green healthy oil, such as Hong Kong people's favorite lion ball mark chestnut rice oil, popular because of the quality of the oil, eat healthy, each meal contains zero grams of trans fat, which can be said to be quite reassuring.