Curtains way: choose, hang and color matching wisdom guide

Aug 28 - 2023

How to hang curtains

Curtains in the space has a pivotal position,solar blind it is not only to meet the daily sunshade function, but also assume the function of the family instrument temperament, it is important to choose the right curtains, in addition to how to hang is also key, see below for details.

How to hang curtains

It is generally believed that the size of the curtains should be based on the size of the window. In fact, curtains hung in this way will make the space look uneven, especially in small homes, will make the space look more confined, such as the picture below.

So the position of the curtains should be as high as possible,roller blind so that the student's home will look more spacious.

Curtain height: floor-to-ceiling curtain hem should be 3-5 centimeters from the ground, too long leads to mop too long, the curtain hem is easy to dirty, and seriously affect the drape of the curtain.

Hanging height of curtains:Hanging a few centimeters of curtains can make the height of the floor a few centimeters higher, like wearing a long skirt.motorized roller blind Hanging 13 ~ 18 cm above the top edge of the window frame is more effective.

How to choose the color of curtains

When choosing curtains, try to choose the same color as your home to make the overall look more harmonious.

Choose according to the background color of your home.

By carrying out the background color of the wall, ceiling, floor to choose, another curtain system can choose their own and the wall color is more similar or a little darker.

Selection of furniture fittings in the space

Choose the color (carpet, sofa, sofa cushions, bedding, etc.). Depending on the furniture fittings in the space where the curtains are located. For example, if the color of the sofa is gray, then when choosing curtains, you can choose the same gray as the sofa, or choose the same color as the sofa or a similar color, so that you will not make a mistake.

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